Swans Enjoying Lunch in the Spring Sun Photo by Omaste Witkowski — National Geographic Your Shot

Swans swimming in the sun and enjoying lunch along the way. #swans #bird #spring

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My camera has been a constant companion this year so far on my Boise River Greenbelt walks and last week I captured this photo of a swan swimming gracefully in a pond close to the Boise River in Idaho. I really love swans and the reflections in the water that seem to gracefully follow them in a loving dance of water and shadows.

This pretty pair of swans that like to have lunch around the same time as I go for walks.
This photograph is a bit different from my usual work because I am submitting it to National Geographic’s Your Shot which requires completely unedited photos. Normally I put my pictures through a fairly extreme process to alter them and reflect my graphic design visions. This image is completely RAW and straight from my camera, and ts funny but it almost looks naked to me

Source: Swans Enjoying Lunch…

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